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The Art of Giving Evidence provides witness familiarisation training for the public and private sectors whose staff may find themselves asked to give witness statements and ultimately evidence at court or a tribunal.

Witness Box is a training programme that combines the knowledge of British legal experts to educate, inform and prepare potential witnesses for the daunting experience of giving evidence. Established by award-winning expert witness Trevor Gilbert, our witness familiarisation training is a ‘must have’ for anyone called to give evidence.

Our range of interactive user-friendly yet highly professional courses suit every need, allowing you to ‘pick and mix’ from half, single or two-day according to your needs. You decide when and where your course should be run. Our courses are delivered in clear, concise language, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

Our courses regularly receive a 97%+ approval rating from participants.

We offer a range of bespoke courses depending on numbers attending and the nature of the trial/hearing. Please visit our Courses page.

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