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If you have been asked to give evidence it is likely the first step for you will be to write a witness statement and consequently there is a strong possibility you may be called to appear at a tribunal or court to adduce your evidence. This can be a very daunting, even intimidating prospect.

Indeed, the very fact you have given a statement means that you must be prepared to give oral evidence and be cross-examined.

The anticipation of giving evidence fills some with dread, going so far as to suffer anxiety and panic attacks. Others brim with confidence, perhaps over-confidence, and this can be just as dangerous. Both conditions are unhelpful to the case in general and the tribunal or court in particular and the objective of The Art of Giving Evidence is to provide you with a good sense of balance.

Being completely prepared and familiar with the whole process is vital if you are to be a credible witness and The Art of Giving Evidence will do just that for you. It will deliver strategies to enable you to enter the witness box with confidence and to exit safely having endured the rigours of examination in chief, particularly cross-examination and, finally, re-examination.

The Art of Giving Evidence explores and lays bare the processes and is designed to help potential lay witnesses (witnesses of fact) understand their role and to present their evidence in a way that is credible, consistent, truthful and which is verifiable.

At the conclusion of the course delegates will have obtained a good understanding of the process, what to wear, how to behave, be familiar with tribunal/court layouts, who's who, how to deal with questioning, how to remain calm and retain your composure, who to address and how.

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"What was more important was the clarity with which Trevor presented his evidence-in-chief and the calm, professional and competent manner in which he maintained his opinion under cross-examination - a stunning performance"

Advocate Andrew Ayres, Trinity Chambers, Guernsey

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